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Your idea starts here.

Whether you're a designer or just trying to turn your idea into a website, LiveControl will get you there. Throw in your text, images and video and watch as your site naturally adapts. This is true responsiveness at work and that means less time designing so you can focus more time on your business.

A platform that will inspire

Building your site with LiveControl means working with a platform that is clean, sophisticated and fun to use. The drag and drop interface delivers a suite of modern tools that anyone from a novice to a pro designer can appreciate. Now anyone can build a responsive website that looks great on all screen sizes.

Never change your content to fit a template

Websites built on LiveControl look great – no matter the device or browser. At its core, LiveControl uses a flexible grid system to adapt to your content so you can spend less time trying to make things fit. The result is a site that reflows naturally and just looks better.

A responsive website builder

Use LiveControl's responsive controls to tailor the experience for your mobile customers. No more managing Just one page that adapts to all visitors regardless of the device they're on.

Creative Themes

Browse our Theme Gallery to find inspiration for your new site. Import any theme, place in content and see how easily it all comes together. View Themes

A site unique to you

LiveControl was designed for the creative mind. Enjoy a simple drag & drop interface and detailed control over the look of every element. No forced layouts or rigid templates. We're talking 100% customization so you can build a site unique to you.
28 Number of unique screen sizes in 2008
97 Number of unique screen sizes in 2010
232 Number of unique screen sizes in 2013

Mobile traffic now exceeds desktop traffic

It's true. And with the mobile revolution comes an ever-growing number of devices and screen sizes. LiveControl automatically adjusts your site so it will look good regardless of the device or browser.

Cloud Hosted

All LiveControl sites are hosted in the Cloud with one-click publishing. We worry about the technical stuff so you don't have to.

Feature rich, not bloated

LiveControl has everything you need to make a modern, responsive website – the design editor, hosting, seo optimization and more.
Responsive Design Editor
Responsive Design Editor
Easily toggle between mobile, tablet and desktop views as you design your site. Create a unique look and layout for every view.
Drag & Drop
Building a site with LiveControl is as simple as it gets – click any item to select and style or double-click to edit.
Fully Customizable
Style any element the way you want. Adjust colors, fonts and more. No other software is needed to build a great looking site with LiveControl.
SEO Friendly
Sites built with LiveControl are highly optimized for search engines. It's also become known that Google prefers responsive websites over mobile sites.
Beautiful & Free Themes
Start by importing a design from our gallery of predesigned themes or start your site from scratch.
Cloud Hosted
Hosted in our flexible cloud infrastructure, your website is safe with us. We worry about the technical stuff so you don't have to.
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